5 Ways to Listen to Your Body and Honor Women’s Intuition

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Have you ever known the right answer to something, but you didn’t know why? 

Sometimes we feel a strong emotional pull that leads us toward making decisions without the need to apply analytical reasoning. This is your gut instinct or intuition – and there’s science behind how it works. 

Your enteric nervous system (ENS) is part of the nervous system made up of neurons that reside in your digestive organs. Some people call this the “second brain” because neurotransmitters in your ENS communicate with your brain. This extensive network of neurons plays a role in your physical and mental health – including intuition. 

Intuition is your internal guide. For many women, these gut instincts are finely tuned. We pick up what’s wrong through physical clues, observing behaviors, and the emotional sensation that something is wrong (or right!). There’s a reason it’s called “women’s intuition.” 

When we ignore our instincts, especially when it comes to our health, the results can be detrimental. That’s why it’s essential to listen to your body and honor your women’s wisdom. This is a special emotional gift that can help you understand when something is wrong. Here’s how you can start listening and use your women’s intuition to make the best decisions for your health. 

1. Listen to Your Body

Do you have a consistent nagging feeling about something? When this feeling is repressed, your body knows it. Ignoring your internal guide can make physical responses worse and cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, depression, and other issues. 

This also causes stress, which can induce acne. When you aren’t open to receiving messages from a strong internal calling, these physical signs are how your body lets your brain know something isn’t right. 

The worst part is ignoring your gut instinct can stop you from finding out about deep health issues. Never say, “I don’t need to get that checked out by a doctor. I’m sure it’s fine.” If you think it needs attention, get the medical examination or tests you need. Your gut instinct could save your life! That’s the innate power of women’s intuition. 

2. Follow Your Energy 

We all wonder if we made the right decision sometimes. Measuring your energy around a decision you’ve made can help you understand whether it was the right one or not. 

Recall the feeling of having a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders. Maybe you felt that way after quitting a toxic job. Maybe you felt that way after removing a toxic relationship from your life. Whatever it is, you probably felt a surge of joy and energy knowing that wasn’t part of your life anymore. 

These energy clues are a sign from your body that lets you know you acted in alignment with your higher self. 

3. Release Negative Emotions 

Negative emotions have the power to shift your decisions in the wrong direction. Have you ever had a bad day at work and used it as an excuse to eat something unhealthy? 

This is the perfect example of how emotions can get the best of us. Let go of negative emotions with self-care practices that empower and nourish your mind and spirit. Your mood will improve and your mind will be free to embrace positivity and happiness. That doesn’t mean you’ll never feel sad emotions. Instead, it is a way to strengthen your emotions and be ready when challenges arrive. 

4. Experience Quiet Time

When you need to make a decision and listen to your gut instinct, there needs to be room for clarity. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is constantly competing for our attention. This is especially true for women who are working, raising children, and accomplishing the goals and dreams they desire. 

Allowing your mind to rest opens up a funnel for your thoughts to flow through. It’s essential to step away from the stress and experience quiet time to decompress. Practicing breathwork in silence can ease tension, improve your focus, ease your nerves, and reduce internal pressures. 

When your mind and environment are quiet, you can cut the clutter that works its way in and release doubts and fears. Immerse yourself into your inner wisdom and discover what you’re really feeling. In this space, you can really listen to what your heart says. 

5, Observe Patterns in Your Life

When you start to see certain patterns in your life, your brain is connecting the dots for you. This is one reason it is so important to stay present in your life and listen to your intuition. These patterns can be in your behavior and reactions to certain situations. 

For example, do you feel unsafe when you’re out walking in your neighborhood? Do you feel like someone is watching you all the time? If you ever feel unsafe when you’re out for a walk, always listen to your intuition. And if this is a pattern every time you take this path, find a new route that is safe.

These patterns can also manifest themselves physically. For example, maybe you have noticed a pattern in your skin, such as breaking out every time you use a certain product in your routine. Is it a clue to switch to natural skin care

Maybe every time you work out in a certain fabric, you experience dryness or a rash on your skin. This pattern could be a sign to switch to clothes that don’t irritate your skin. Patterns are everywhere, and your intuition can help observe them. 

The bottom line is your inner wisdom should not be ignored. This internal intelligence is a powerful signal you can use to know when something is wrong – and when something is right. This is a great gift you can use to move your life and health forward with grace and confidence. Connect with your mind and body and listen to what it needs. Your health and well-being will thank you. 

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