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Listen to your body’s wisdom, harmonize your hormones, and take back your health… with Dr. Cates’ signature woman’s wellness program

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Hi. I’m Dr. Trevor Cates.

After my own health struggles as a child, I learned about an integrative, more natural approach to medicine and I wanted to help others be aware of this sometimes-hidden path. After graduating from the National University of Natural Medicine, I was the first woman licensed as a naturopathic doctor in California and then moved to Utah. I now have 24 years of specializing in women’s health.

Ten years into clinical practice while I was seeing patients at the Waldorf Astoria Spa in Park City, I started realizing there was more to healing than the physical body, so I went back to school to get a master’s degree in spiritual psychology. This combination allows me to guide women to not only harmonize their hormones and restore their health but also return to their true nature.

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Because I wanted to help more women than I could in a one-on-one patient setting, I decided to go online with Hormones, Health & Harmony 9-part documentary series, the PBS special Younger Skin From Within and The Woman’s Doctor Podcast. And I wrote two books that have become instant bestsellers – Clean Skin From Within and Natural Beauty Reset.

I founded The Spa Dr. to help provide clean skincare and supplements for my patients. I am also a wife, mother of three children and three fur babies, stepmother of three, and step-grandmother of two.

Three generations of women

Supporting Women's Health

We often feel burdened by our physical bodies, but there is another way to perceive our bodies that allows us to feel more alive and at peace.

There is so much that gets in our way, and I’ve found a path to lead people back to their inner truth and beautiful essence. This approach takes into account your physical imbalances, like with your gut and hormones, and adds in emotional wound healing.

For one-on-one patient care, I am focusing on supporting women during these transitions:

  • Motherhood and Post-Partum
  • Perimenopause
  • Menopause

Working directly with Dr. Cates could be right for you if you have any of the following:

  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Low energy or exhaustion
  • Irregular, painful and/or heavy periods
  • Night sweats / hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness or discomfort
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Mood swings or feelings of anxiety, sadness, or helplessness
  • Desire to find a healthier path
  • Yearning for finding more meaning in your life
  • Challenges with relationships with yourself or others
  • High stress and risk for burnout
  • Longing to create something valuable
  • Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Disease
  • Challenges with perimenopause and menopause transition
  • Metabolic Conditions
  • PMS or PMDD
  • Hormonal Acne
Dr. Trevor Cates

Customized Wellness Plans

As a patient, Dr. Cates will guide you through restoring your body and helping you return to your true essence.

During your first appointment, Dr. Cates will do a deep dive into your health history and current concerns and will put together a customized plan that may include the following: lab testing, nutrition, botanicals, environmental medicine, bio-identical hormones, and coaching for food, movement, and mindset. In subsequent appointments, she will provide customized adjustments to your program.

In addition to wellness care, Dr. Cates can provide support for:

  • Relationships with yourself and others.
  • Mentoring women executives, entrepreneurs, and practitioners who want to avoid burnout.

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To your health,

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