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How to Shift Your Nutrition with the Seasons

When the seasons change, it’s not just the external changes outdoors that have an impact on our lives. Internal influences have a big impact on our well-being, and we may not even realize it.  As the seasons change, your hormones change too. For example, the hormone melatonin is higher during the fall and winter months.

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Woman praying practicing gratitude

How to Practice Gratitude During Hard Times

What do you usually do to elevate your mood? Do you go for a long walk, get sweaty during a tough workout, or write down your emotions in your journal? Keeping healthy habits is a powerful way to manage your emotions – and one of the healthiest habits you can keep is practicing gratitude. Gratitude

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A woman doing yoga

5 Ways to Listen to Your Body and Honor Women’s Intuition

Have you ever known the right answer to something, but you didn’t know why?  Sometimes we feel a strong emotional pull that leads us toward making decisions without the need to apply analytical reasoning. This is your gut instinct or intuition – and there’s science behind how it works.  Your enteric nervous system (ENS) is

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5 Self Care Practices To Manage Stress

Self Care It’s easy with a demanding schedule and so many responsibilities to forget to take care of yourself – both physically and emotionally. Self-care is often the last thing we prioritize, but it is one of the most important aspects of good stress management. And as you probably well know, managing stress can help

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5 Ways To Remove Toxins From Your Home

Our homes are our safe havens — the sanctuary that rejuvenates us before we go back out and face the world. Unfortunately, it’s easier than you might be aware of to subject yourself to toxic exposure unwittingly in your home. Fortunately, changing a few simple habits can improve your home’s health by creating a cleaner,

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12 Immune Boosting Foods

We’ve seen an abundance of recommendations lately to help us stay healthy during this coronavirus outbreak — wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain social distancing…and the list goes on. And, these are all great precautions to help prevent our exposure to, and the spread of pathogens. But beyond these measures, practicing health-promoting behaviors can

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Healthy holiday drinks

5 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Whether you are the host or a guest, it is likely you will find yourself faced with many unhealthy food temptations during the holiday season. Family and friends (and their homes), going out to eat, or hosting your own party, can be triggers for unhealthy habits. Party food doesn’t need to be unhealthy to be

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