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Bustle: 7 Ingredients To Add To Your Juice Or Smoothies For Glowing Skin
By Carina Wolff, featuring Dr. Trevor Cates
When it comes to skincare, you can splurge on the most expensive products or get a fancy facial each month, but sometimes the key to good skin is just simply in what you eat. Add these simple 7 ingredients to your juice or smoothie and enjoy glowing skin form the inside out.
Stylecaster: 5 Ways Hormones Affect Your Face EVERY Time of the Month
By Natasha Burton, featuring Dr. Trevor Cates
You may be familiar with habitual breakouts or weird facial occurrences each month–right in the line with the start of your cycle–but there are actually a number of ways your hormones can affect your skin every day of the year.
Finerminds: Are your Skincare Habits Affecting Your Overall Health?
By Dr. Trevor Cates
If you are over 35, you’re probably aware of just how important your skin is to your appearance. What you might not know is that your skin (the largest organ in the body) is also a reflection of your overall health.

yoU Magazine: Skin, Hormones & You
By Dr. Trevor Cates
Your skin is the greatest indicator for how healthy you are inside and out. Hormonal imbalances contribute greatly to skin stress. In this article, I discuss ways in which hormonal imbalances can manifest on your skin and offer some suggestions on how to keep your skin and health harmonious. 
Kiddos: Back to School Nutrition Tips

By Dr. Trevor Cates
What are you feeding your kids to nourish their brains and help them grow and flourish through the school year? On school days, you might find it even more challenging to encourage your children to eat nutritious foods. So, here are some tips to help ensure your children are nourishing their bodies and their brains.

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yoU Magazine: Harmonious Hormones

By Dr. Trevor Cates
If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may have mild, moderate or extreme hormonal imbalances. The most common imbalances are adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone).

Swipe to the left to turn pages and read the entire article

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Hyland's: Natural First Aid

By Dr. Trevor Cates
As a mother of three active children, I know how often accidents happen while playing sports or just simply playing in the backyard. Not a summer goes by without my kids experiencing some sort of minor trauma. Children can be particularly susceptible to sports injuries, especially children under the age of eight who tend to be less coordinated and have a slower reaction time than older children. Also, children tend to not judge or assess well the risks of certain situations that can end in an injury.

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Hyland's: How to Develop a Communicative Relationship with a Toddler

By Dr. Trevor Cates
The key to communicating with your toddler is developing a good connection early on – listening to them, and understanding how they express themselves will help you nurture their communication skills as they grow. Here are 10 tips to improve these communication skills with your toddler:

  1. Connect with your child – Set aside time throughout each day to have one-on-one, distraction-free interaction with your toddler. This will show them that they are important to you, and since you mean the world to them, it will help improve their overall self-confidence and comfort with communication

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Natural Awakenings: Nature's Antibiotics

By Kathleen Barnes, Featuring Dr. Trevor Cates
We live in a world of microbes: bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens that can make us sick. Most of the time, our immune systems are able to fight off microbial attacks, yet we’ve all experienced unsettling infections.

When Use Becomes Overuse
In recent years, conventional medicine has increasingly used antibiotics as a universal remedy against all kinds of microbial attacks—even though they are ineffective against anything except bacterial infections.

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Look Healthy: Interview

Interview with Dr. Trevor Cates
Today, we are glad to have the opportunity to interview Doctor Trevor Cates regarding Naturopathy.
Doctor Trevor Cates is the co-founder of Santa Barbara Center for Natural Medicine and was twice appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to California’s Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine Advisory Council.

  1. First of all, thank you Dr Trevor Cates for your time in providing this interview. Can we have a brief background of you? Where are you from, how old are you, your qualifications and how many years of experience do you have in the medical field?

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CNN Health: Natural Solutions to Summer Health Hazards

By Maria LaMagna, Featuring Dr. Trevor Cates
Remember that terrible bee sting you got last summer? Or the nasty sunburn from this year's first outdoor barbecue? Behind the many joys of summer are hidden health hazards that threaten to slow you down. Dr. Trevor Holly Cates, a naturopathic physician from Park City, Utah, offers natural methods to make this summer your healthiest -- and most chemical-free -- yet. Nothing ruins a vacation like the annoying itch and, well, burning sensation that comes with a sunburn. Avoid becoming as red as a lobster by using zinc oxide or another mineral sunscreen, since the traditional kind contains chemicals.

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Canyons Resort Blog: Getting Healthy with Dr. Cates

By Kaylin Richardson
When I arrived here almost three months ago, I was promptly introduced to resident health expert, Dr. Trevor Holly Cates.  As the Naturopathic Physician and Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator at the Golden Door Spa at the Waldorf Astoria Park City, she helps people from all over the world better their lives through nutrition.  I have to be honest, before my first consultation I was a little nervous about meeting someone that appears to have it all figured out.  My concern was in vain, because the moment we met I was put at ease by her warmth and openness.  I could tell that she sincerely wanted to help me reach my health goals.

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Utah Business: Park City Hotel, Restaurant and Spa Earn Four-Star Ratings

Press Release
Forbes Travel Guide unveiled its 55th annual listing of Star Award-winning hospitality establishments worldwide, and named Waldorf Astoria Park City, Slopes restaurant and Golden Door Spa to the list. The hotel, restaurant and spa, located at the base of Canyons Resort, will be showcased with the 2013 award winners on, the online home of Forbes Travel Guide.
“We are deeply honored and proud to be recognized in three separate categories by Forbes Travel Guide,” said Kerry Hing, general manager of Waldorf Astoria Park City.

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Luxury Daily: Waldorf Astoria Park City Hosts Wellness Weekend to Avoid Lull Before Ski Season

By Kayla Hutzler, Featuring Dr. Trevor Cates
In a move to increase traffic before skiing season hits, Hilton Hotel’s Waldorf Astoria Park City is hosting a wellness weekend at the end of October to intrigue affluent guests who are interested in getting fit and living healthy. The nutrition and physical fitness program will be hosted by the Waldorf Astoria’s Golden Door Spa October 28-30. The hotel will only be accepting 15 guests into the exclusive program.

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Dr. Trevor Holly Cates Practices Integrative, Holistic Medicine at Waldorf Astoria Spa

PARK CITY, Utah - Waldorf Astoria Spa at Waldorf Astoria Park City is pleased to announce that naturopathic physician Dr. Trevor Holly Cates has opened a practice at the spa’s Park City location. Dr. Cates is a primary care physician who treats patients through natural therapies, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to improve overall health. 

 “We are thrilled that guests at Waldorf Astoria Spa can take advantage of Dr. Cates’ expertise of 10 years as a naturopathic physician,” said Scott T. Cowdrey, Spa Director of Waldorf Astoria Spa Park City. “Her holistic approach complements the Waldorf Astoria Spa philosophy of fostering a balance of mind, body and spirit.”

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Healthy Utah: February is Heart Month
Featuring Dr. Trevor Cates

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PR Web: Brings Lifestyle Experts to Top Diabetes Website to Combat Nationwide Epidemic
Featuring Dr. Trevor Cates
KeyVive, Inc. a healthcare technology company that integrates social media with self-management tools to assist individuals with chronic illnesses, is introducing a tri-fecta of lifestyle experts to help people affected by diabetes live a healthy life. KV will provide original content from Zuckerbrot, Williams and Cates on topics of importance to the 25.8 million with diabetes or 8.3% of the population (2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet, CDC).

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Green Solutions Magazine: Creating a Green Medicine Cabinet
By Dr. Trevor Cates
Medications and personal care products continue to show up in our nation's water supply - from antidepressants, antibiotics and painkillers to hormones and cosmetics. There is growing concern about the impact these substances have on plants, animals and humans. It is time we pay attention to warning signs and start making steps to reduce contamination of our water supply and protect biodiversity. Americans swallow millions of doses of prescription drugs annually and researchers have determined these medications do not disappear harmlessly when they pass through the body but, instead make their way back into the environment and our drinking water.

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Online Wellness Community: Managing Stress and Staying Healthy Through the Holiday
By Dr. Trevor Cates
During the holidays, busy home, social and work schedules can send stress levels through the roof. Combined with cold and flu season this time of year, it’s important to keep your immune system strong to prevent getting sick at a time when nobody wants to feel feverish or congested. Prepare yourself this year with all natural medicines that can help you keep on schedule for a happy holiday season. An important factor in keeping your health and your wits is getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeplessness can lead to daytime irritability, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, and immune system suppression. If you are tossing and turning, there are things you can do to help relax into sleep naturally.
Online Wellness Community: Should You Take Supplements?
By Dr. Trevor Cates

Answer the 6 questions below to find out if you should take supplements:

1. Do you make poor dietary choices (alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed foods…)?
2. Do you eat frozen or canned fruits and veggies rather than fresh organic produce?
3. Are you chronically stressed?
4. Do you have chronic symptoms and/or health conditions?

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Taste for Life: Treating Body Aches from Sports Training and Injuries
By Dr. Trevor Cates
Whether you’re an athlete training for an upcoming event or just having fun in the sun, be prepared with all-natural therapies to reduce symptoms of and speed recovery from mishaps that may accompany your active lifestyle! Homeopathy offers safe, natural remedies that can put your mind and your body at ease. Homeopathically-prepared medicines are safe, convenient, and commonly available in health food stores, drug stores and many retailers. Arnica is the most important remedy for trauma when there is soreness and tenderness, especially to touch or pressure. It is useful for any kind of trauma, including sprains, strains, bruises, and sore muscles. Arnica can be taken internally as a homeopathic remedy or used externally as an ointment, salve, or spray.
Hyland's: Back to School Health Tips
By Dr. Trevor Cates
Summer is coming to an end and that means back-to-school time. Along with the backpacks and school supplies, equip your family with natural remedies that will keep your children healthy throughout the school year. Each year, my patients’ parents share with me their top back to school concerns: immune support, head lice, sleep, and which foods are the best for their child. Here are some tips to help your children enjoy a healthy and productive school year.
  1. Sleep. The recommended amount of sleep within a 24-hour period (including naptime) is 12 – 14 hours for toddlers, 11 – 13 hours for pre-schoolers, and 10 – 11 hours for school-aged kids. Most American children are not getting the recommended amount of sleep, which, in turn, affects their daytime behavior and school performance.

Hyland's: Moms 1st: Prioritizing Your Health
By Dr. Trevor Cates
As moms we spend much of our time taking care of our families, making sure the kids are well fed, dressed, and off to school with their homework complete. We are constant shepherds, cheerleaders and support for our families, but sometimes forget to make time for ourselves. As the flight attendants remind us each time we fly "in case of an emergency landing, first put on your mask before assisting your child." Similarly in our family life we must put ourselves first sometimes. It is essential that you set aside the time to meet your needs so you can be a healthy and happy mom.
Hyland's: Surviving Allergies: There is Relief
By Dr. Trevor Cates
Spring can be such a wonderful turning point in the year. Snow has melted away. Spring showers are falling. Grass is growing again. Flowers are blooming. The whole world looks new and fresh. You may have been cooped up for months and are now ready to get outdoors again. Unfortunately, for the 35 million Americans who suffer with season allergies, spring greenery can also bring dreaded allergy symptoms along with it.

Allergies rank as the fifth leading chronic disease in the United States.[1]

Homeopathic Laboratories: Treating the Common Cold and Flu this Season
By Dr. Trevor Cates
Cold and flu season is upon us. Luckily, many treatment options are available, including over-the-counter medications, antibiotic and antiviral drugs, vaccinations and more natural approaches. The trick to beating the cold and flu is finding the safest and most effective solution by weighing the risks and benefits of the choices available.

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications may include a pain and fever reducer, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, antihistamines, decongestants and/or cough suppressants.

Hyland's Teething Tablets FB Page: Top 10 Tips for Relieving Stress
By Dr. Trevor Cates
In response to a stressful or dangerous situation, our endocrine system releases a cascade of hormones. This leads to an increase in heart rate and alertness, and a rise in blood sugar and fatty acids to supply energy for muscles to react quickly and intensively. The fight or flight response gives the body the necessary power to respond to a physically and emotionally demanding situation.

The immediate reaction to a stress, or the alarm phase, is usually short-lived, but, eventually, continued stress can lead to diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, and ongoing stress can weaken the heart, blood vessels, adrenal glands and immune system. In other words, it is important to manage stress!

Whole Foods: Homeopathy and Healthy Babies
By Chris Jensen, Featuring Dr. Trevor Cates
Supporting the health of an infant can sometimes feel like a guessing game with a limited amount of safe options. Find out why homeopathic remedies are gentle and easy to use for a variety of baby-related issues. Dr. Trevor Holly Cates is a naturopathic physician practicing in Park City, Utah, and a consultant for Hyland’s.
AANP: Get Your Child to Sleep Naturally
By Dr. Trevor Cates
Ask any parent and they can tell you that “sleeping like a baby,” is a contradiction in terms. Most parents have become too familiar with children’s sleep issues, from restless sleep to night terrors.

The recommended amount of sleep within a 24-hour period is 14 – 15 hours for infants; 12 – 14 hours for toddlers; 11 – 13 hours for pre-schoolers and 10 – 11 hours for school-aged kids. Most American children are not obtaining the recommended amount of sleep, which, in turn, is affecting their daytime behavior including school performance.

AANP: Natural Remedies for Summertime First
By Dr. Trevor Cates
Summer is quickly approaching with its sunny weather and fun outdoor activities. Along with summertime, comes the possibility of insect bites, poison oak rashes, injuries, and sunburns. Even with these possible “risks,” you don’t need to stay cooped up indoors. Homeopathy offers safe, natural remedies that can put your mind and your body at ease this summer. Stocking your medicine cabinet or first aid kit with certain homeopathic remedies keeps you prepared for common summer ailments.

Homeopathically prepared remedies are commonly available in health food stores and many drug stores and are safe for people of all ages, including children and seniors.

Hyland's Teething Tablets FB Page: Breastfeeding Tips
By Dr. Trevor Cates
I remember coming home after my first child was born 13 years ago, lacking a solid understanding on how to breastfeed. I was overwhelmed and confused about breastfeeding as I imagine many other women are, but once I learned a few tips from a lactation consultant, I discovered what a beautiful bonding experience it could be.

Breast milk contains the perfect nutrients for a growing baby, such as antibodies to help protect the baby from infections, enzymes to aid digestion, fatty acids to support brain development, and easily assimilated nutrients to promote healthy development.

Homeopathic Laboratories: Constitutional Prescribing for Healthy Women
By Dr. Trevor Cates
From puberty to menopause, women experience a variety of hormone-related conditions throughout their lifetime. Thankfully, numerous homeopathic remedies can provide relief for the spectrum of ailments such as PMS, menstrual pain and irregularities, hot flashes, and morning sickness. There is a big difference, however, between treating symptoms and treating the woman who has the symptoms.

Sepia and Lachesis, for example, are two of the most popular homeopathic remedies for menopausal symptoms and do, in fact, help many menopausal women, yet not every woman will benefit from these remedies.