Summer Skin Care

The lazy days of summer do not mean that you should be lazy with your summer skin care, In fact, you should be even more diligent. Follow these 10 easy steps to help guide you on your summer skin care mission.

#1 – Hydrate Heat and sweat can leave your skin dehydrated. It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated, by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. If you are not a great fan of water, spice it up with this recipe:, blueberry, mint, coconut, smoothie, juice, recipe,

#2 – Exfoliate With an increase of dead skin cell accumulation during the summer, it is important to exfoliate your skin. One of the main reasons your skin can look dull during the summer is because of dead skin cells. Use a simple toxic free facial buff twice a week to get a healthy glow., blueberry, mint, coconut, smoothie, juice, recipe,

#3 – Feed your Face Watermelon – this is the fruit of the summer season. It is filled with water and electrolytes that help quench your thirst as well as compensate for the water loss in summer.
Berries – all colorful berries including blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries contain antioxidants that help prevent skin damage from summer sun exposure.

Vitamin E – is an example of an antioxidant micronutrient especially important for healthy skin. Foods high in Vitamin E include avocado, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and almonds.

#4 – Rejuvenate Applying a mask can help rehydrate, cool and prevent breakouts by purifying and detoxifying the pores. It rejuvenates and repairs the skin.

Apply a Mask 2-3 times a week. If you suffer with oily, combination or acne prone skin, use a clay mask.

For sensitive and dry skin, use a hydrating mask:, blueberry, mint, coconut, smoothie, juice, recipe,

#5 – Moisturize In the summer it is tempting to ease up on moisturizing because your skin may not feel as dry. But good natural moisturizers work over time, promoting healthy skin with consistent use. You do not stop eating well or exercising in the summer, so you shouldn’t stop taking care of your skin.

#6 – Lip Service Don’t forget your lips! Drier climates can cause your lips to shrivel. Keep them protected with an SPF natural lip balm., blueberry, mint, coconut, smoothie, juice, recipe,

#7 – Lighten the makeup During the summer, skip the heavy makeup and opt for the lightweight version in the form of a toxic free tinted moisturizer. Why not make your own chemical free tinted moisturizer – here is my favorite:, blueberry, mint, coconut, smoothie, juice, recipe,

#8 – Don’t skimp on sleep Lack of sleep can lead to increased levels of stress hormones like cortisol, which may slow the production of collagen in the skin. When our skin stops producing collagen, it begins to lose resilience and starts looking tired and worn.

#9 – Bites be gone Mosquitoes are one of summer’s biggest pests. If you are bitten it can cause swelling and irritation, especially on your face. If you are sitting outside use a fan. If the air is moving then mosquitoes will have a hard time landing you! Use a natural bug repellent with essential oils such as neem or citronella oils. If you do happen to get bitten by one of these pests, avoid to temptation to itch and apply an ice cold pack. Want more summer first aid help for your family?Check out this blog

#10 – Protect your skin First of all, throw away last year’s unused sunscreen. Sunscreens are not meant to last forever, and seeing as most people don’t use as much as they should, I bet you have a bottle or two stored away? Be safe and buy a new one.

The most important sunscreen advice I can give you is USE IT. You should be using sunscreen on your face and your body. Reapply every 1-2 hours that you are in the sun ensure that you are safe from the harmful effects of the sun on your skin.

Throw out your sunscreens with oxybenzone. Research indicates that this common sunscreen ingredient has hormone disrupting effects.

Replace chemical based sunscreens with zinc oxide based sunblocks. These can have longer lasting protection without the harmful ingredients. Steer clear of super high SPFs. SPFs over 50 are really no measure of sunscreen effectiveness, and they may give you a false sense of security.

I use and recommend DeVita 30 SPF Daily Solar Protective Moisturizer.

Give Your Skin The TLC It Deserves This Summer